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Secret to Self Mastery

If your phone or computer doesn’t work, what do you do? Throw it away? Buy new one? Ignore it? What about when it comes to your life? Your mind? Your relationships? Your emotions and stress? When your life and your physical, emotional health aren’t as you want, what should you do?

Experience who you really are, identify your true inner voice, uncover what are you supposed to do in your life, and how to make your life happier based on 5-step Brain Education methods. You will explore the secrets you have inside to find the key to Self-Mastery. This simple, yet effective experience will help you to feel and appreciate the power you already have within. At each session, you will acquire practical tools that you can use at any time or place in your daily life.

Session 1  Introduction: Principles, Practice and Tools
“Who am I? What have I done so far? Why am I doing what I am doing now? What do I want now in my life? Where am I now in my consciousness? What is it that I really want in my life?”

Session 2 Sensitizing: Principles, Practice and Tools
“I have a body; I feel my body. I have emotions; I feel emotions. I have pain and problems; I feel pain and problems. I feel myself.”

Session 3 Versatilizing: Principles, Practice and Tools
“What is blocking my consciousness? I understand my body, emotions and pain are not me but are temporary conditions. How can I unlock what blocks me?” 

Session 4 Refreshing: Principles, Practice and Tools
“My body, emotions and self judgment are not me, but mine. Who am I really? I can manage myself, therefore the conditions in my life. If not, I can persevere with a smile. I am on a journey toward the completion of my soul.”

Session 5 Integrating: Principles, Practice and Tools
“Now I have a life reference point, the ultimate destination and I know the direction I wish to take. I have a lot of conditions, both good and bad. I can manage and utilize all of them for my life purpose with passion and intuition. My creativity and productivity increases.”

Session 6 Mastering: Principles, Practice and Tools
“Step 1 – 4 is like getting a driver’s license… now it is time to drive. My life and everything in it are all my creation and responsibility. I can and will improve my life and everything as much as I want. I feel blessed with my life. Now, I can smile with my Self.”

Can you relate to any of these symptoms?
  • Struggling with mental and emotional obstacles
  • Having difficulty creating the life that you want
  • Feeling disconnected from your inner self
  • Mind races with critical thoughts towards yourself and others
  • Feeling stuck and what to change to a more positive and creative life

This workshop is great for:

Understand and manage your mind, self judgment, emotions and negative & limiting inner voice.

Free yourself from beliefs and preconceptions that have limited your potential and growth.

Accept change without generating stress responses.

Become less reactive, more proactive.

Feel genuinely connected with yourself.

Create more positive, life-affirming habits.

Kind words from our clients

A lot of stress comes from not knowing who we are and what our priorities are. We are constantly bombarded from all directions, which drains our energy, focus, and power. This workshop helps you to understand these external forces and how to regain our power and confidence to take them on.
The connection that I had with myself was deep and profound. The information was clearly taught and helpful. My physical pain was brought down and my understanding of why we do certain exercises was increased which will help me have a deeper practice as I include more intention.

Workshop Schedule

Secret to Self Mastery is taught over six weeks, 90-minute sessions. 

Upon registration, you will receive an email regarding login information and how to prepare.

Prerequisite: Initial Self Mastery or Stress to Strength workshops or instructor approval

2020 Dates

  • Thursdays, 4:00 – 5:30 PM Starting June 11 through July 16
  • future dates will be posted here


Workshop pricing

  • Full Registration

  • $395

  • 9 hours
  • Pandemic Special

  • $350

  • 9 hours

Workshop location

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this workshop is offered on-line.

Mago Mindfulness Center – Chandler
1840 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85224


The following instructors teach the Secret to Self Mastery workshop online and at Mago Mindfulness Center in Chandler. Click on any of our instructors to learn more about them and sign up for a workshop.

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