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Manifesting Abundance Workshop

We often set aside our hopes and dreams thinking, “It will never happen to me”, “It’s just a dream”, or “I have no luck”. We don’t pursue the abundance we desire, such as healthy relationships, increased happiness, vital health, or improved finances. Instead, we give up, and allow ourselves to fall back into the cycle of conditioned habits or external influence, saying “we can’t” or “we don’t deserve it.”

What if our lives are not pre-determined by destiny, habits or preconditioned experience, but rather are created by personal choice, commitment to and belief in your potential? What if the key to a better life comes down to your attitude and focus, healthy life choices and energetic exercise to create and fulfill your own abundance? The key to abundance is your own dedication and passion. Vitamin H (Hope) comes from within!

In Manifesting Abundance Within, you will learn how you can use your energy system to become clear on what is most important and valuable in your life so you can stop wasting your life energy and instead focus on what delivers you the most abundance, fulfillment and joy.

Can you relate to any of these symptoms?
  • Frustrated with life never turning out the way you hope
  • Feeling your life is controlled by external influences
  • Not knowing what a truly abundant life means to you
  • Feeling stuck in old habits

This workshop is great for:

Uncovering your true value and what is most important to you

Understanding the three attributes of existence

Learning how to activate and use your energy system to create what you want

Connecting with and trusting your inner wisdom to guide your life

Kind words from our clients

So much of my life, I had wishes and desires and worked so hard to “achieve” my goals or dreams. The problem was always the anxiety or disappointment that came if or when I didn’t get what I wanted, or it looked different than what I expected, or it didn’t happen according to the time frame my manic mind wanted it to. This workshop guided me through experiences that truly showed me how all abundance (health, relationships, finances, etc.) starts with connecting to my true self. My intentions are now clear and my heart is open and I am actively manifesting health, love, joy, peace in my life that will continue forever.
My experience in the Manifesting Abundance workshop guided me to what I want to increase in my life. It gave me the tools to transform my thoughts and actions from negative to positive and will allow me to grow into a brighter happier person.

Workshop Schedule

All Manifesting Abundance Within workshops are held from 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday and Sunday. All dates are subject to change.

Upon registration, you will receive an email regarding what to bring and how to prepare.

Afterwards a 2-hour group reinforcement session will be scheduled locally to help you to reinforce what you’ve learned. For non-local participants, 2 group webinars will be offered for your support

Bring a healthy lunch for each day. Members are encouraged to remain at the center over the lunch break.

2021 Dates

  • Please contact center for dates


Workshop pricing

  • Full Registration

  • $395

  • 2-day workshop
  • Early Bird Registration

  • $350

    30 days prior
  • 2-day workshop

Workshop location

Mago Mindfulness Center – Chandler
1840 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85224


The following instructors teach the Manifesting Abundance workshop at Mago Mindfulness Center in Chandler. Click on any of our instructors to learn more about them and sign up for a workshop.

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