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Mago Tai Chi for Body, Mind and Spirit Workshop

In Mago Tai Chi for Body, Mind and Spirit, you learn to calm your mind and breathe mindfully as you tune into your body’s own energy system. You learn Mago Tai Chi forms, Energy Dance forms, Joint Circulation exercises, and Energy Accumulation Breathing.

Other benefits include

  • Improved muscle strength, balance, joint health and flexibility
  • Experience the connection with your internal wisdom, universal and Earth energies
  • Be able to teach introductory Mago Tai Chi to others

18 hours of training over approximately 9 weeks

Can you relate to any of these wishes?
  • Wish to strengthen your mind-body connection
  • Desire for a deep connect to your inner self through energy connection
  • Wish to be able to teach other Mago Tai Chi basics
  • Understand energy principles and application

This workshop is great for:

Strengthening your mind-body connection

Improving your core and muscle strength, physical balance, range of motion and flexibility

Activating the natural healing forces in your physical and energy bodies

Improving your body & spine alignment

Kind words from our clients

2019 workshop schedule

All Mago Tai Chi for Body, Mind and Spirit workshop schedules are determined by participants availability. For more information, call 480-786-6000.


Workshop pricing

  • $1,200 for 18 hours training over approximately 9 weeks

Workshop location

Mago Mindfulness Center – Chandler
1840 W Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85224


Rachel JaAe, the Mago Tai Chi Workshop Leader, is a Mago Tai Chi Black Belt, Energy Workshop Facilitator, Healer and the Assistant Manager of the Chandler Mago Mindfulness Center. JaAe has been practicing Mago Tai Chi for over 13 years.

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