Workshops at Mago Mindfulness Center

Our Classes and Workshops are carefully designed to work together to help you to recover your well-being. Attend our workshops to learn principles and powerful practices so you can grow quickly. Attend our energy-based yoga classes to practice the meditation and chakra-healing tools that you learn in the workshops and integrate them into your daily practice.

For new members and for specific needs, we recommend that you start with an individual Energy Evaluation. Our instructors are happy to help you to create a plan to meet your goals. Check our Workshops Schedule for the workshop times and dates, and our pricing packages to receive the greatest savings. 

Workshops Overview

Belly Button Healing

Your health starts in your gut! Just as your muscles and cardiovascular system need movement for proper health, so do your insides. Get an ‘internal workout’ by moving your abdomen and organs to improve your internal circulation, expedite detoxification, tone your organs, plus many additional health benefits. Belly Button Healing is the internal workout for a healthy gut!


Initial Awakening

The Initial Awakening Workshop is an introductory workshop designed to connect with your inner light. We teach you how to take the first step in your journey of responsibility, self-realization, and spiritual sense of purpose and fulfillment, leaving you with tools to cope withand take on life’s challenges.


Finding True Self

In today’s world, many of us find ourselves troubled and confused by worn-out belief systems and self-sabotaging patterns. The Finding True Self Workshop is a powerful and joyful journey to assist you in uncovering your preconceptions of personal limits and to remove the layers of self-doubt that are preventing you from experiencing the wealth of love and joy within.


Initial Self-Mastery

In Initial Self-Mastery, you will learn to access and use your Ki energy to balance your energy centers and open blocked energy lines. You will release stress at a cellular level so you can maintain clear, positive energy, even in challenging situations. You will learn how to transform stress into the strength you need to live a balanced, productive, happy life, without giving up your job, family obligations or social activities. Transform “worry” into fulfillment!


Secret to Self-Mastery

Experience who you really are, identify your true inner voice, uncover what are you supposed to do in your life, and how to make your life happier based on 5-step Brain Education methods. You will explore the secrets you have inside to find the key to Self-Mastery. This simple, yet effective experience will help you to feel and appreciate the power you already have within. At each session, you will acquire practical tools that you can use at any time or place in your daily life.

Prerequisite: Initial Self-Mastery or Stress to Strength workshop


Energy Self-Healing

The Energy Self-Healing Workshop will continue your journey to actualize your healing ability. Energy Self-Healing is grounded on the belief that all people can awaken their creative potential to heal mind, body and spirit. Please join us for this self-healing workshop to activate and use your innate power for self-healing. Every session includes principles related to energy healing and active experience with the healing process.


Begin Again

In Begin Again, discover your deepest, most authentic voice that has been buried within your heart and listen to this truest strength. Heal your body of pain caused by emotional scars. Learn how we are all connected, experience when and where our existence has started, where it is heading, and what is beyond. See a bigger picture of life and its joys and find your way of living more boldly with courage and love. Overcome your fear and self-doubt to find the place within yourself where nothing is impossible. Live beyond your ego and negative internal dialogue to reach a state of fulfillment, happiness. Discover why the relationships, situations and lessons you have attracted in your life are precisely the teaching opportunities you need in your life at this moment.


Manifesting Abundance

In Manifesting Abundance Within, you will learn how you can use your energy system to become clear on what is most important and valuable in your life so you can stop wasting your life energy and instead focus on what delivers you the most abundance, fulfillment and joy.


Workshops Schedule

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