Our Classes and Workshops are carefully designed to work together to help you to recover your well-being. Attend our workshops to learn principles and powerful practices so you can grow quickly. Attend our classes to practice what you learn in the workshops and to integrate them into your daily practice.

Your first class is free! After your first free class, individual classes are $15 each. You will receive more value by regular weekly attendance. Explore our variety of membership packages to find the one that best suits your schedule and budget.

We care deeply for our community and its children. Therefore, our class memberships are free for seniors 75 years and older and for youth 13 years and younger. And membership are 50% off for seniors 65-74 years old, teens ages 14-17 years old, and all veterans.

Our workshop packages deliver a powerful training curriculum for your health and growth, while offering you the most savings. For specific needs, we recommend that you start with our private consultation. Our instructors are happy to help you to create a plan to meet your goals.

Class Pricing

  • Starter

  • $120

    1 Month
    • Unlimited Attendance
  • Cleansing

  • $299

    3 Months
    • Save $61
    • Option for $105 auto-pay for 3 months. ($315 total, save $45)
  • Stabilizing

  • $550

    6 Months
    • Save $170
    • Option for $100 auto-pay for 6 months. ($600 total, save $120)
    • Your membership enables scholarship for 1 teen to attend workshop!
  • Expanding

  • $999

    1 Year
    • Save $441
    • Option for $95 auto-pay for 12 months. ($1140 total, save $300)
    • Your membership enables scholarship for 2 teens to attend 2 workshops!

Workshop Pricing

*25% of your payment is donated for teens to attend our Finding Greatness Within Workshop.

  • Starter

  • $220

    1 Month
  • Save $75 on individual workshops

    The Starter workshop package supports your first steps to coming back to yourself. First, grow your sensitivity and awareness of your physical body’s condition and experience a powerful healing practice in Belly Button Healing. Second, join Initial Awakening to grow your sensitivity and awareness of your energy body and how to use your root chakras to help stay grounded through your life experiences.

    Starter Package

  • Cleansing

  • $849

    1-3 Months
    • Save $236 on individual workshops

      Through the Cleansing workshop package, you will learn how to connect with your energy body, activate the natural healing of your physical body, strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom, and you will receive a powerful set of tools you will use to maintain your health. You will experience the greatest gift you can give to yourself by connecting deeply with your True Self, your inner wisdom that you can absolutely trust.