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1840 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224

Chun Shim

Regional Manager Mago Mindfulness Center, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator

Chun Shim is the regional coordinator for Sedona Mago Retreat in Central Arizona and the manager of the Mago Mindfulness Centers in Chandler and Mesa, Arizona. She has been a master healer, teacher, workshop trainer, and holistic life consultant for individuals and groups for over two decades.

Chun Shim helps people to find their deepest potential and confidence, to find the direction for their lives, and how to develop and heal their physical, energy and spiritual bodies. She does this through personal coaching and through mindful workshops and retreats, such as Chakra Healing, Finding True Self, the Self-Mastery series, Meridian Healing, and Essence Training. For ten years she, along with her team of Mindful instructors, have raised funds and supported Foster children, teens, young adults, seniors, and others who are in need, to find their courage and hope through classes, workshops and retreats.

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