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Sound & Healing

Sound & Healing is the application of healing frequencies to the physical and subtle energy fields around the body. After some meridian stretching, gentle tapping and spinal vibration, you will experience the therapeutic sounds of a Native drum and crystal bowl.

Our natural frequency is a vibration of health, harmony, and wellness. In this class, you will tune into this vibration for upliftment and wholeness that will resonate deeply within your body’s cells, bones, organs, and electromagnetic fields.

This class is great for:

Improving blood circulation & lowering blood pressure

Improving sense of well-being / decreasing anxiety and depression

Strengthening mind-body connection

Improving body & spine alignment

Settling racing mind for better rest

Class schedule


The following instructors teach Sound Healing at Mago Mindfulness Center in Chandler or Mesa. Click on any of our instructors to learn more about them and sign up for one of their classes.

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