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Mind & Body Detox

Stimulate health from the inside-out! The detoxifying and revitalizing exercises will help you to release heavy, stagnant energy from your internal organs to give you a full body cleanse. You will enhance the condition of your emotional well-being, improve circulation and digestion, relieve headaches and increase vitality. You will also detox negative emotions and reduce lack of focus and depression, ensuring you’ll get a complete revitalizing experience.

This class is great for:

Preventing and healing digestive problems

Improving circulation in hands and feet

Regulating and balancing hormones

Natural weight management

Reducing brain fog

Strengthening immune system

Class schedule


The following instructors teach Mind & Body Detox at Mago Mindfulness Center in Chandler or Mesa. Click on any of our instructors to learn more about them and sign up for one of their classes.

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