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Testimonials from our Mago clients

Victoria P.

The instructors at MMC take care of each member of the center. They have such a bright energy. I could see happiness in their eyes. The center has a strong connection with the community. I have never seen a yoga center helping the community like that. I strongly recommend everyone to join!

Mariam R.

After practicing at MMC, I realized that Yoga practice is much more than mastering some tough postures! It is about going within and feeling your body and energy, and to become conscious of what you feel and how your body reacts to those feelings. I benefited tremendously from what I learned in the classes and highly recommend it to everyone.

Barbara D.

Mago Mindfulness Center is the best place ever. It is way more than a studio; it’s a community. I have healed physical and emotional pain and grown spiritually through daily practice and attending retreats . This organization is such a gift to yourself and the world.

Javier S.

Amazing place, where peace, hapiness and yoga meet. I have been attending the center for over 8 months now. I have improved my health, my sleeping and overall wellbeing. I mostly attend inthe evening, very convinient schedule.

Barbara M.

I have visited the Tao center on several occasions. Each class had a slightly different focus to it,. Yet each time I left feeling stretched, energized and relaxed. The style is different than other yoga studios. It focuses on physical healing and being more aware of your body. I really liked the focus. The atmosphere was very calming and nurturing. I will continue to attend and recommend it to all my friends in the area.

Jeff K.

Amazing place, if you're looking for something different than a typical yoga place give this place a try. First lesson is free and you can take sometime to speak with Chun with any issues you might. Very welcoming environment for healing - emotional and physical.