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Our Mago Principles

Mago Mindfulness practice is based on ancient “Sun Tao” principles that emphasize the importance of health in both the physical body and the energy body. Key energy principles are described below.

Water Up, Fire Down

Cool water energy and hot fire energy flow within our body simultaneously. When the body is in balance, the cool water energy travels upward toward the head while the hot fire energy flows down to the lower abdomen, where it is stored. The underlying principle behind this natural flow of energy is called Water Up, Fire Down (WUFD).

WUFD is the core principle for human health. When the human body is in balance, the cool water energy travels upward toward the head along the back side of the body, while the hot fire energy flows down the front side of the body to the lower abdomen. This constitutes a complete cycle of energy circulation. By repeating this circulation, life maintains its balance and continuity.

The kidneys and the heart facilitate this natural circulation with the help of the body’s energy center. The kidneys generate water energy in the human body while the heart generates fire energy. When the energy flow is smooth and balanced, the second chakra imparts heat to the kidneys and sends the water energy up. This cools the brain and brings down the heat from the heart so that fire energy moves downward.

Body to Energy to Spirituality

“When the body is filled with energy, our energy becomes strong and our spirituality is awakened.” This refers to the process of the fulfillment of the entire energy system. Like in construction, without a stable and strong foundation, you can’t build higher levels.

The body is filled with energy. “Jung,” the physical body, is the vessel of earthly life that you received from your parents. The physical body is sustained with breathing and eating. The lower chakras associated with the physical body are completed when they are filled with Jung energy derived from food and breath.

Energy becomes strong. “Ki,” the energy body, is strongly influenced by mental and emotional energy, which emanates from the middle chakras. For the Ki to become strong or mature, your heart must open to receive the natural wellspring of love and peace within. Strengthening of the Ki allows control of emotional energy according to your will. In other words, you will realize that your emotions and your thoughts are not you, but yours to command.

Spirituality is Awakened. This represents the completion of the upper chakras. At this stage, your consciousness exists with an elevated sense of awareness, and you will develop superior insight and judgment, frequently “knowing” the underlying principle of matter without a conscious learning process. You will manifest consistent creativity and develop overriding desire to create harmony and order in all that you see.

Mind – Energy – Blood – Matter

“Where the mind goes, blood and energy follow.” This phrase implies that consciousness is the true reality behind the appearance of form. When you develop deeper sensitivity, you gain the ability to send energy to any part of your body. You can warm or cool a specific part, if you so desire. With your focused mind, you can draw on the infinite energy of the cosmos at will. With enhanced concentration comes increased ability to control this access to energy.

To clarify your understanding of this principle, imagine using a magnifying glass to gather and focus sunlight. If you maintain exact focus in one place for a prolonged period of time, the sunlight becomes strong and enough heat builds to create fire. Our thoughts are similarly powerful, capable of generating concentrated energy to express our own divine creativity.

This principle provides fundamental guidance for the process of evolution, creation, and the existence of all things. When consciousness becomes concentrated, energy starts to gather. This in turn begins to attract the material necessary to manifest the essence of the concentrated consciousness. “Blood” actually refers to all the material required to generate the shape and form of a wish. Therefore, this principle refers to the process of the invisible consciousness creating a tangible form through the power of concentration.

Chun Bu Kyung

Chun-Bu-Kyung (天 符 經) is the most ancient scripture of Sun Tao. It can be translated to “Scripture of Heavenly Code.” It explains the principles of Tao using 81 characters, which starts with the character ‘One’ and ends with the same character ‘One’, thus making a complete cycle.

It teaches that everything begins from One and ends with One, and which also does not have a beginning or ending. It explains how things are created and evolve from the One source.

A key message of this scripture is that Human, Heaven and Earth meet and become One. It teaches how to accomplish this unity, which is the ultimate goal of spiritual growth of all human beings.

The Heavenly Code can be interpreted as an exercise in Mathematics, Philosophy, or even Energy Studies. Each letter of the Heavenly Code contains its own distinct Meaning, Sound, and Vibration (Energy). The combination of Meaning, Sound, and Vibration represents a harmonious order and creates a holistic effect of Healing and Spiritual Awakening.

The meaning of the Heavenly Code can be interpreted in countless ways; however, all interpretations contain the following 3 basic Truths of the cosmos:

  • Everything starts with One and goes back to One, which has no beginning or end.
  • The One expresses itself into Heaven, Earth, and Human; all of which are contained within the human being.
  • The Oneness of all must naturally express itself in behaviors and actions that benefit All.
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