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Our Mission

Love Humanity

We offer an integrated path for an individual to create a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Love the Earth

Our community widely benefits all.
This is the key to a healthy world.

We achieve our mission through classes, workshops, and donation-based community outreach.

Our Classes & Workshops are designed to work together to empower you to recover your health and live the greatest expression of your life. 

Mago Mindfulness Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

mindfulness practices include stretching meditation breathing and relaxation.


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Our Stories

The instructors at MMC take care of each member of the center. They have such a bright energy. I could see happiness in their eyes. The center has a strong connection with the community. I have never seen a yoga center helping the community like that. I strongly recommend everyone to join!

Victoria P.

After practicing at MMC, I realized that Yoga practice is much more than mastering some tough postures! It is about going within and feeling your body and energy, and to become conscious of what you feel and how your body reacts to those feelings. I benefited tremendously from what I learned in the classes and highly recommend it to everyone.

Mariam R.

Mago Mindfulness Center is the best place ever. It is way more than a studio; it’s a community. I have healed physical and emotional pain and grown spiritually through daily practice and attending retreats . This organization is such a gift to yourself and the world.

Barbara D.

Upcoming Workshops

You can register and pay for a workshop using your free MindBody account.


Our Services and Projects


Your donation goes directly to sponsoring kids to learn to manage stress more effectively, nurture their own health, and how to increase their focus on what they truly want. 


Your donation goes to support Foster kids to manage the impact of trauma on their brains, learn how to process information more healthily, and to regulate their emotions without using medications. 


Imagine a home base for our community to support the health, happiness and peace and widely benefit all: families, adults, children and seniors. This capital fund is to raise funds to support the purchase and maintenance of a new Mago Community Center.


As a member of the Mago Community, your non-profit donation goes directly towards mindfulness programs to help the elderly, vets, children, single parents and others who are in need.

What is Our Tradition?

The spiritual origin of Mago Mindfulness philosophy is “Sun Tao”, which is Korea’s original tradition of Taoism. In this tradition, “Mago” represents the ultimate Oneness, the soul of the earth as the common source of life to all existence on the Earth, and our original divine nature.



Classes are based on ancient mindfulness and energy principles and wisdom which has been benefiting countless people for thousands of years. Elements of this tradition are present in oriental medicine, martial arts, meditation and spiritual studies.

Mago Tai Chi


In this non-combative, healing martial art, we learn how to use our body to enhance our mental and spiritual strength while gaining a sense of personal integrity. The ultimate goal is to develop a complete human being who has full mastership of body, mind, and spirit.



Is the key to truly changing your brain, which, in turn, is the key to changing your life. Mindful Meditation allows you to find inner peace in ways that no other exercise can by reducing the constant flow of thoughts that bring mental stress and lack of focus.

Mago Family

Sedona Mago Retreat Center is nestled among the red rocks on a stunning, 175 –acre stretch of land under the wide blue sky of the high Arizonan desert. Sedona Mago Retreat is an ideal place for letting nature sweep aside the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Here you will have a chance to look within to find the answers to who you are and what you really want. Go for a personal retreat to plan the second half of your life or join one of the many programs for ongoing self-development offered.

Tao Fellowship is a 501-3c nonprofit that was established in 1998 by Ilchi Lee, to promote the spirit of Tao as universal principles of harmonious living and a peaceful world. Specifically, it is the Sun Tao (仙道) Korean Taoist tradition, with its 10,000-year history, that we follow. Sun (仙) is the combination of human (人) and mountain (山), meaning a human being living in harmony with nature.

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